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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sutton is 1!

Last night we went over to Sean's parents house because Sutton's first birthday party was yesterday. We didn't make it to the party, but Sutton was still there and we sat and talked to the whole family like we usually do. We were walking up and Josh said "lets try to just drop this off so we can go home and eat" and I told him that was useless dreaming because there is no quick in and out at their house. It was nice though. We haven't seen Sutton since Christmas and he has really grown since then. It makes me really sad that Sean has missed all this time with him.

While we were driving away I couldn't help but feel old, because I was thinking about all the time we spent growing up there. Josh and I hung out there before we even started dating. We celebrated Sean's 16th birthday there, his 18th birthday as well. We celebrated the end of every single Friday night football game for four years there. And now we're celebrating Sean's son's first birthday there. It's different, especially without Sean being there. I guess this is growing up, huh?

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