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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Your Life Is Changing: Part 2

I wrote back in February about how we kept hearing all of these huge changes were coming to our lives. This is the after post where I revisit my statements, and eat them if necessary.

  • Your life is over.
My life has just begun. Seriously. In order for my life to have been over, I would have needed one to begin with. I'm an incredibly boring person, and I enjoy it. Now, I have things to do. I have a person to take care of (an additional person. I'm pretty good at taking care of Josh). No, I don't have the free time I once had. I don't sit and read entire books in a day, but I also don't want to. I want to hold my son, and I want to spend time with him and my husband. My life is far from over.

  • Are you sure you want kids?
Of course I'm sure, and of course I do. My feelings on this matter haven't changed at all. As much of an adjustment it has been bringing Isaiah home, I'm already thinking about our next child. Of course it wouldn't be easy if we had another newborn right this second, but if it happened, we would do it.

  • You'll never see your friends again.
Does this start after they've all visited? I've seen more of my friends in the past week than I did in three years. Seriously. We have things in common again. They have kids, and we joined that club. We have things to talk about again. I know we're just starting in this, but I don't anticipate this being true.

  • Your marriage will never be the same.
Preach the truth. My marriage will never be the same, because once you add depth like this, it won't go away. We both agree that since Isaiah was born our marriage has gotten much stronger. We are working together as a team. We love each other. We rock this.

  • Your XBox time is over.
Whoever managed to make this happen, please let me know.  I'm seeing no such evidence.

  • I will become Josh's manager.
Not in the slightest. I have thought about this statement a lot though, and I think it has to do with the personalities of the husband and wife. We went into this consciously avoiding the manager/managed situation. We both still do what we want. We talk more about things before they happen, but I'm not his boss, and I don't want to be.

I will admit that the one thing I didn't understand before Isaiah was born was the amount of overwhelming and all consuming love that I feel for him. Never in my life has my heart melted at the sight of a sleepy smile or yawn. I've never instantly loved anyone, but I can't say that anymore. If I ever tell an expectant parent that they don't understand, it will be the love that I speak of.

I mean really. Look at that face.


  1. Yes, this. All of this. Exactly. The instant love really is unlike anything else, isn't it?

    1. It's amazing and I truly can't even describe it. It's like the difference from being engaged to married. It's hard to come up with the words besides the fact that it's different in a good way!

  2. Love this! It's like I can FEEL your happiness (and it's AWESOME!!).



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