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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


When things got particularly rough last week with our birth mom I started writing like crazy. It is amazingly therapeutic for me so I wrote a little something every day of the week to get me through. The posts may be a little jumbled, but here they are in all of their unedited glory. You get these posts this week while I'm snuggling my brand new baby boy. 

We're here. We have our own room. Our birth mom has changed her mind and is allowing me to be in delivery. I'm going to see the birth of our son.
I'm about to be a mom.
It's 4am and I'm completely unable to sleep. Birth mom has been on pitocin since 2am. The Dr comes at 8.
It's noon and I still can't sleep. Birth mom just requested an epidural and also said it is ok for Josh to be in the room.

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  1. I am so glad she changed her mind and let you be in there too. (Obviously the more drugs she got, the more cooperative she got!!)



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