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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Three Days

When things got particularly rough last week with our birth mom I started writing like crazy. It is amazingly therapeutic for me so I wrote a little something every day of the week to get me through. The posts may be a little jumbled, but here they are in all of their unedited glory. You get these posts this week while I'm snuggling my brand new baby boy.

I never thought I'd ever be three days away from meeting our son. Three days.

This is the last Saturday I'll ever wake up and not be a mom. That blows my mind.

I'm planning to work in Isaiah's room today. I need to hang the shelf for his monitor and put laundry away. I cannot wait to see him in his crib. 

Sanitizing bottles

My coworkers make fun of me because people frequently ask if I speak Spanish, and I do not. It was only appropriate to go out in style.

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