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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Puppy Update

The puppies are getting so big! They are nine days old now. I can't believe how quickly they grow.

They still have their eyes closed, but should open them in the next few days. Also, their ears haven't opened up yet, so they are unable ot hear how annoying their crying is. But their lungs are developing quite well because the crying is only getting louder.

Phoebe is the one with the white belly. She likes to eat upside down. They all do from time to time.
 Pheebs kind of sticks out. Usually they're all laying on top of her though, so it was rare to get a pic of her like this.

Only six-ish more weeks until they're strong enough to go to their new homes.

I love them, but I'm really ready to have Amico back in the house with me. He doesn't make messes (much) and he's such a good cuddler.

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  1. OMG! They are so cute! This makes me want a puppy even more.

  2. Aww sweet puppies!!!! I would want to keep them all and snuggle them in the bed with me! Puppies are so cute!! Until they make giant messes and pee all over the place and then you have to constantly keep an eye on them. I used to carry Scout around all the time because he got into so much trouble that i couldn't do anything.

    1. They're starting to bark, and their mama is making messes. It is starting to get a bit stressful!



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