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Monday, November 12, 2012

Couch to 10k

I feel weird calling this C210K. That looks like I'm running REALLY far.

Okay, six-ish miles is really far, but not as far as that looks.

I started out doing C25K. I don't mean to sound braggy, because I am not good at running at all. I get that very attractive purple face going on when I run. It's hot. But I quickly realized that C25K wasn't really doing it for me. I modified it a little, as in I ran a little faster than I typically would for the first three weeks and I did two days at once. When Ingrid and I run outside, we're usually out for an hour or so, and I just didn't feel complete with a half hour. I decided that I wanted to push myself a little more and go for a 10k. Because, why not?

I have always been a bit hesitant of running hard or training hard because I am programmed to constantly think of getting pregnant. I held myself back from getting too far into it for the past half year because I thought I was going to get pregnant. Now, I'm not concerned about it anymore. I'm off of the medicines that made me feel and act like a monster, and I am enjoying running again.

Allow me to introduce you to my extensive collection of fitness apps. The only one I use is middle row right. 10k free by Zen Labs. The amazing Charla (@CharlawithaC on Twitter) recommended it to me, and it is perfect for me. What I really love is that it dings when I'm supposed to run and then again when I walk. That way I don't really have to pay attention to the screen. The RunDouble app was really nice, but as soon as I finished week two it wanted me to pay for the rest. Yeah. Right.

That Angry Birds app is why my brothers love me.

Week four is where it started getting hard for me. Days 1-3 are all the same. The directions for what you're supposed to do are in the upper right corner. I did single days of these for all three. After taking such a long break from running, that five minute section killed me.

And then I started week five. I honestly have my doubts of whether I can finish this or not, but I'm going to keep doing it.
Week 5 day 2 steps it up a bit more...
And then week 5 day 3 says screw you.
This app assumes that I jog a 10min mile. This app is wrong.
Hopefully though, if I stay on track, I'll be running a 10k by the time our baby is born.

Oh my gosh.
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  1. You're awesome! I wish I could stick to a running plan. I got half way through c25k and quit. Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome awesome!!! So excited for you. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am thinking I need to do a 10 K before the half marathon... maybe I should look into it.

    Ok here is my thing about the C25K thing (I know we discuss running a lot via twitter)- I am not a run then walk then run kind of girl AT ALL. I think it makes it way harder than just running until you can't any more. For me it is so much harder to stop running and then start up again, especially once I am a good ways into the run. I think it should be like run this far on day one, run this far on day two. But I am also a run and don't stop kind of runner so thats just me and how I was trained... OK I'm done now.

    1. We've already talked about this a little, but I do see your point with running as far as you can at once. I am considering trying it just to see what I can do. Forrest Gump style, you know?

  4. I am excited to see how you do with this, I really want to start a program like this too but with the whole being freezing ass cold outside and ice on the ground I have to wait till Spring.

    1. I will definitely keep updating then! This is ignorant of me, but does Sweden have gyms like we do?

    2. Yep well not like all over and they are kinda expensive but they do have them, our town even has a Golds Gym!

  5. Looking at your phone makes me jealous! I love the "work it" box around your apps for working out... wish my phone was that smart.. :)

    OH-- and you rock. But what's new?

    1. Ha. Which phone did you end up getting? If you get the galaxy you can have that amazingness too!
      Thanks girl!



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