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Friday, November 16, 2012

Have You Changed the Baby?

So we've all had the "I'm naked in the hallway of my high school" dream right? Perhaps not the exact scenario, as I've never showed up to school naked, but the totally unprepared for everything dream. This is my typical dream. I will be two hours late to work (okay, that actually has happened, but that isn't the point), or I will be grocery shopping and can't find my wallet (very imaginative dreams I tell you). Dumb stuff like that.

Side story, my boss was having a reoccurring dream for two weeks or so of this guy being in his house painting his ceilings. He said that in his dream he would say to himself "oh great, he's here again" and try to ask the painter who was paying him to work. Every day for a week my boss told me that he wished the guy would finish up soon. I have never had a reoccurring dream.

I am very particular about being prepared. I'm not a "wing it" type of person, like my husband is. We got engaged at Christmas and I set our wedding out a year and a half so that I could make sure I had enough time to do everything.

Right now, my entire life is up in the air. We don't for sure have a baby until the birth mom signs the papers, which cannot be until the baby is born. We have an attorney who doesn't really do anything until the baby is born. We are waiting for our home study to start. I can't even get a date on that one and it is killing me. I need dates. I need times. I need sanity.

Back to my point. I had this dream that I was running around for an entire day with the baby. I have this grand idea that because I will not be the one actually going through labor that my life is going to be like it is now. I want you to know, I understand that I'm delusional. So we were running around and after hours and hours I realized that I hadn't changed the baby the entire day. It never even crossed my mind. So I started telling myself that I'm a terrible mom. I finally found somewhere to lay the baby down to change the diaper and when I opened the diaper bag it was completely empty. It still had some plastic in it from the filler they put in bags when they're on the shelf.

I woke up feeling pretty bad.

Right before I went to sleep I watched the end of Friends, season 8 when Rachel has her baby.

Here, have another reason to hate Ross. 

I hate Ross so much.

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  1. I am the EXACT same way. I need dates! Times! Plans! When I was planning my wedding, I constantly had anxiety dreams wherein I was at my wedding, but whatever I hadn't yet accomplished in "real life" I didn't have done. So before I bought my dress, I had anxiety dreams about walking down the aisle in jeans. Before booking caterer? Dreams about no food at the wedding. It sucked.

    Amusing side note, when I had my baby, the nurse came in to check on us several hours after we'd gotten settled into our room, and she asked if we'd changed the baby's diaper. Honestly, it hadn't even occurred to me. So don't feel bad about your dream -- remembering to change diapers takes some getting used to, apparently.

    1. Oh my gosh, I forgot all about my wedding dreams! The worst one I can remember is that I was at work in the bathroom in my dress and it was blood red. It doesn't sound bad, but it was horrible.

      I'm hoping to keep up on diapers! I'm so nervous about everything. :)

  2. Ok so I am at work right now and can't wait the clip, but how can you hate Ross? I mean I know he is a little annoying and crazy, but hate is a strong word. He's so spastically funny...
    I have reoccurring dreams. They mostly deal with me being back on my high school dance team and I keep saying "I don't think I am suppose to be here" but I have to keep dancing (and running and jumping...) The pom squad was like the army.



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