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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Last night I decided I wanted to finally open my bottle of Oliver Sangria. I really don't like to drink wine when its cold out. For some reason it only sounds good when the weather is warm and the windows are open. I guess thats a good thing. I don't know though.

If you live in Indiana you know what Oliver is. If you don't, I'm not so sure. It's a winery in Bloomington, and they make good wine that sells at a good price.

My favorite Oliver wine is their soft red. I looove sangria though and when I saw it, had to try it.

Megan came over last night with Sherlock Holmes, so we tried this while we watched the movie. It was pretty good. It is similar to the soft red, but with more citrus. It is a little more like juice, in that it doesn't have the after taste of the soft red.

This is next on my list to try. Megan says its really good, but really sweet. I'll let you know

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  1. I liked the Sangria too!! I have to tell you that my sister and I shared a bottle of Reggae Red with dinner tonight...and if she hadnt drank the other half I probably would have finished the bottle!! LOL!! Its really good! :-)



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