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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bad Day?

I copied this article from The Salt Lake Tribune.

Last night on the news they showed a story about Denard Span who hit a foul ball and it hit a fan in the chest. (I gasped audibly when I heard that). Then they said that not only was it a fan, it was his mother (I gasped even louder). Good news is, she is fine. Check out the story though. The statistician in me wants to know what the odds were of that. 

Span's foul ball hits mom
MLB notes » Mother of shaken Minnesota Twins outfielder is doing fine.

The Associated Press
Updated: 03/31/2010 10:58:56 PM MDT

Tampa, Fla. » Denard Span' s mother settled into her box seat, surrounded by 20 family members and friends, to watch her son lead off for the Minnesota Twins.

Uh oh. Look out!

In a shocking split-second, Span hit a hard foul ball that struck his mom in the upper chest Wednesday. She was treated by paramedics and back in the stands minutes later.

"Tell everyone that I'm all right," Wanda Wilson said hours later by phone. "Everyone was so worried, he was so worried. But I'm all right."

"We had just gotten there. It happened so fast, you couldn't do anything," she said. "I was kind of in awe. But God is good, I'm OK."

Wilson was wearing a Span jersey and sitting a few rows off the field, near the Twins' third-base dugout. In the first inning against the New York Yankees, Span took a late swing on the sixth pitch of the game and sent a line drive that hit his mother near the shoulder.

"As the ball was in the air, I realized that it was going after my mom," Span said after arriving back at Twins' headquarters in Fort Myers. "When I saw her go down, I just couldn't do nothing but go after her."

Fans are often reminded to be alert for balls and bats that might go flying into the stands. But with objects traveling so fast, such injuries become perils of the game.


  1. I saw that when it happened yesterday and both my dad and I gasped! It was crazy! I got goosebumps watching it.

  2. Oh it is awful. I'm so glad she is alright!

  3. Oh me too! And then after he hit her he had to go back up to the plate...I so could nto have done that! I would have been like umm...thats my mom I'm going with her!! But I guess when you are paid millions a year you do as your told! LOL



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