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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I do this weird thing whenever I start a job. I pretty much lose my mind. Once my normal routine is reestablished, I'll go back to normal, but for a while I'm just not myself. I forget how to get ready in the moning, I forget to blog, I forget to clean, and other things. So I haven't been taking my lunch to work with me yet. First I wanted to check out the refrigerator situation, get that all under control. I'm not taking my lunch somewhere that won't cool my food to proper storage temperatures. Food borne illnesses are nothing to mess with.

So there is this deli downtown on Calhoun, and I think it is Deli 620, but it may be 612, and I may be completely off because I kind of think there is a 7 in it. Anyway, its next to Riegels if you live in FW and are looking for a superb salad...and have a million dollars. They're pretty pricey.

But its so good.
I went in yesterday and saw this low fat apple salad and had to get it. Its apples, strawberries, grapes, and granola with yogurt. I loved it so much I'm going to try to make it, because I know I can do it for wayyy cheaper.
This is my salad from yesterday...super yummy.
This is my salad from today. It is basically the same salad from yesterday except I got French dressing instead of honey mustard.

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