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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Cry For Help

Dear Friends,

I am makeup impaired. I only know how to use one look on my eyes. Before that I was completely helpless, but now, I'm in the same boat with my one look. I read blogs where everyone puts their cute makeup pictures, and talks about the different color eye shadows they've gotten, but I can't commit. Every time I go to buy shadow, I end up buying a color I already have.

Please help!

Here are a few photos I took...

My naked eye.

My makeup after working a full day. I hope it looks better than this in the morning.
Same as above.

I decided to go through my makeup bag on Saturday because I knew the stuff in it was most likely expired. I found that I had all of these eye liner pencils and I don't even use a pencil. I tossed all of these.
All of these mascaras were also expired...way past expired. The only one I'd recommend out of this bunch would be the green Define-A-Lash.
The contents of my makeup bag before I cleaned it.
I tried the Lash Stiletto, and this is still my favorite.
I use this eye shadow. It is past expired but I found of that Pop Beauty doesn't make this anymore. I'm kind of bummed.

The inside of my eye cake. Can you tell which colors I always use?

I use MAC Fluidline eyeliner. I have been totally hooked on it ever since my friend/waxer Jen recommended it to me.

Give me all of your suggestions! I want comments, criticisms (good and bad), and advice. I want to get out of this rut!

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  1. have you ever tried a bronzer on your eye lids? I sometimes use a bronzer like eye shadow and it looks really nice. If you add more in the crease of your eye lid you can get the effect of a shadow and it looks similar to smokey, but natural, eyes. Gold colors are really pretty too! let me know if you need more tips!!



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