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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Knitting vs. Crocheting

Joshua and I went to the library this afternoon. They have so much more cool stuff than I thought they did. I was browsing and found the knitting/crocheting section and decided I was going to do it. Except I didn't know which one.

So I got both books. I'm going to learn both so I can decide for myself which I like better.

Then we went to the store to get something done to the tires and I decided to go see if I could get the stuff to get started. I had no idea what I was looking for, and I've probably got the wrong stuff. I got these knitting needles that looked good, and a three pack of crochet needles (are they even called needles?) because I figure one of them will work. I got this yarn because its my favorite color.
And I have turned my Easter Basket into my yarn and supplies basket.
To be continued...

Any words of advice?

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  1. Don't lose count! You will most likely mess up your first project but it will be okay. I think crocheting is easier but thats just me. Good luck let me know how it goes!



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