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Friday, December 26, 2008

What A Coincidence.

I posted last week about this picture:

Josh and I decided we wanted to get this picture for our living room, because we're both history freaks and really liked it. Megan and I happened to be at Gordman's (which was also by chance, because we weren't even going there until I slid past the drive that goes to our house...its a funny story) and saw this photo in a nice frame with a mat and everything. Stupid me, didn't buy it when I saw it because I didn't know if Josh would like it. There are two versions of the picture and this is the diagional-ish view. Check down a few posts for both photos. Also, we wanted to make sure we were getting a good quality picture that didn't just look like a blown up poster. So I figured I'd bring him back to look at it. We went back the next Saturday to buy it, and of course it was gone. We were both really disappointed. I even tried to surprise him with it by checking back at Gordman's to see if they had gotten any more.

Fast forward to yesterday, Christmas. I was opening gifts and I opened the exact same picture from Gordman's. We had told Lisa a while ago that we wanted it, and she happened to be shopping there and bought it for us! I was soooo mad at the person who bought it out from under me, and all along it was Josh's mom! It was so crazy. I think that picture was meant to be ours.

I was just on a few different websites looking for a kitchen sign that I want (it's really hard to find something when you don't know exactly what it is that you want) and started looking at more pictures. I want to get this one too, I'm sure Josh won't care.

I'm not totally sure if I want it though. We'll see.

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