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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Sometime this summer Megan and I were at David's and I found this dress and decided I absolutely had to have it for our wedding rehearsal and dinner. I had been checking on it every few months to make sure it was still there. I didn't buy it right away because it was $135.00 and I didn't want to pay that much for it. So the plan was to wait for it to go on sale. Well it didn't go on sale, it just got immediately discontinued. I was in David's less than a month ago and they still had the dress. I went in last night to pick up some bridesmaid dresses, and it was gone. Gone. I asked a manager about it, and she said "Oh yeah, that one is gone. It's been discontinued for a while." I asked her if I could order it and she said that no other store would have it. Well, she's a liar. I kept looking around, and I was genuinely depressed, I didn't know what I was going to wear. I happened to walk down an aisle and found my dress, but in a size too big. I grabbed it and decided that if I had to, I'd get it altered. I went up to the front desk to ask someone with a brain if the dress altered well or not. The girl was so nice, and she even remembered me from when I was there this summer. She told me that she could call other stores and see if they had it. What? Actually help me? You're kidding. I wanted to tell the manager to kiss my ass. Anyway, she found my dress in my size in Davenport, Iowa, and it is currently being shipped directly to me. Yay! BUT, the absolute BEST part, since it was discontinued and it's one of the very last ones...I only paid $39.00 for it. $39.00!!!!! I got it for almost $100 OFF. Definitely my best buy EVER.

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