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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Waiting Waiting Waiting...

We are getting ready to go over to my uncle's for Christmas Eve with my mom's family, and I'm waiting on Joshua to get ready. It's pretty much a Christmas miracle that I'm writing. I posted earlier today that I wanted to write about last weekend, but I was afraid we weren't quite out of the woods...well it turns out that doesn't matter.

Last Thursday night we got an ice storm in Fort Wayne. Friday morning was a mess. I woke up and checked on the dogs, and Duckie had a tree sized branch laying by her house. For some reason, I thought it was all ok. We still had power and we were all fine, which was a big misconception. Things got worse from there. Everyone I worked with lost power, but we still had it, so I thought we were fine. Josh sent me a message around 3 that ours went out. And it stayed out, until Monday afternoon.

Here is Duckie's branch:

I'm not going to lie, I thought I was going to die. I realize I was being a big sissy, but I really didn't think I was going to make it. We stayed with Josh's mom on Friday and Saturday, and almost flooded our basement, because we didn't take the sump pump seriously enough. We finally got our generator to work, but could only use the fridge, furnace, and sump pump. I know I should have been happy with heat, but I was seriously not handling it well. At all. And it was unbelievably cold outside, like -30 windchill. Safe to say, I'm glad we're past that.

So I didn't want to post because most people who lost power and had it restored, ended up losing it again. Well this morning we were having another, much smaller, freezing rain issue, and I was worried about losing power again. I got off work today at noon, and by then it had warmed up enough that all the ice melted. So I thought we were fine. Wrong. Josh came home and I was showing him an episode of Made on MTV.com (its this bodybuilding episode where this professional bodybuilder trains this whiny ass kid who wants to be a tough guy. I wanted to show it to Josh because he acts like the trainer guy, the whiny kid was getting pissed because the trainer kept giving him a hard time and being really arrogant. Josh thought it was funny.) and about halfway through the episode, we heard a loud pop and lost power. I was fine. Totally fine. Josh went down to check the fuse box to make sure it wasn't just our house, and it wasn't. So I called the power company and the guy told me that our power would be restored by "Friday and midnight". Dead serious. I was still not freaking out. I went over to check on our neighbors, and to see if they lost power too. When I got back Josh was about to lose it. He had been making fun of me all three days we were without power, and he started doing what I was doing. He went out and hooked up the generator, and I had to tell him to calm down, and if we needed it we would hook it up later. Anyway, our power came back on around 5, so we were fine. It was just funny how he freaked out, after cracking on me for being a baby.

The moral of the story is: be prepared. We are looking into getting a survival kit made for circumstances like this. Actually, Josh is looking into it.

Here are some more winter pictures:

Here is our sad little Christmas tree.

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