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Monday, December 15, 2008

Revision to Post: Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

On February 23, 2008, I posted about a visit Megan and I made to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. The other day I was studying for my World Wars final and happened to come across this picture again. It's funny, because both pictures had different parts in my life last week. I remembered seeing the pictures in the exhibit we went to. I need to update my facts though, ha ha. When I posted back in February I wrote what I remembered from memory without looking up the facts. I'll start with this one:

The top picture is the one I took at the museum. The bottom is one I Googled. This was taken at the Tehran Conference. From left to right: Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union), Franklin D. Roosevelt (USA), and Winston Churchill (United Kingdom), (nicknamed the Big Three). I'll keep this short since I know hardly anyone but me cares. Basically, these three met in Tehran, Iran to discuss how to take down Nazi Germany. This was in 1943, during WWII. They agreed that the US and UK would support the USSR attack on Germany's eastern border and they discussed what would become D-Day.

This picture is what Josh and I have decided we want to get to hang in our living room.

The first is the picture I took at the museum. The second is a picture I found on Google. The third is basically the same but taken by a different photographer. They were taken on V-J Day (Victory over Japan Day). This sailor was running down the street kissing any woman he could find. Because of the flurry of excitement and celebration, the photographers did not get the names of the sailor or the woman. Last week Megan and I went to Gordman's and saw a really nice framed version of the first picture "Kissing the War Goodbye". Joshua and I went back on Saturday to buy it, and of course it was gone. I was so disappointed. We'll find it somewhere.

And that is how both of these pictures were part of my life again last week. That's all for this weeks history lesson. :)

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