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Monday, December 8, 2008

Very Interesting

I found this on dlisted.com. This is the original article, excuse the language.

These before & after airbrushing pictures are always interesting to look at to see just exactly how the Photoshop artistes turn a normal looking person into a robot mannequin. These are similar-looking pictures are from MiserAlba's Campari campaign and there really wasn't anything wrong with the original picture. But the Campari hos figured that nobody wanted to see the real MiserAlba, so they removed a few ribs, gave her bigger titty sacks and washed away her hungry coochie. They even erased the slight grin from her face! It's a good thing they did that shit, because I probably wouldn't have recognized her grouchy ass if she was smiling a little bit.

They should have done the same thing in the picture below. They shaved like 10-inches off her waist, so while they were tinkering with that shit, they should've painted a scowl on her face. And it would've looked more authentic if her fingers were flipping us off.

Was it really necessary to make her look even skinnier??? I mean really.

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