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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Small Towns

This morning I had to go to Decatur for work so I could file something at their courthouse (they are about 30 minutes south of Fort Wayne). It was a nice relaxing drive, I'm not complaining at all, plus I was out of the office ALL MORNING. You can't ask for more. So anyway, I got there and I had this ginormous stack of papers that should have probably been put into a box for me to carry, but wasn't. Anyway, I had the papers and I was climbing the steps to their courthouse, and wouldn't you know, the dang building has two sets of doors that you have to pull to get in. I hear this guy yell at me from pretty far away, so I turn around and there is a guy running toward me from the corner of the block, which is pretty dang far away for someone to be yelling from. He was yelling at me to hold on so he could get the door for me. I was shocked. How often does that happen? In Fort Wayne, they'll just let the door slam in your face. I couldn't believe it. This guy had to seriously run quite a distance to help me. I think I might like small towns, I could get used to that. I bet if I worked for an attorney in a small town he wouldn't send me out of town just to file papers...

That picture is the real Adams County Courthouse in Decatur.

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