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Friday, May 16, 2008


Sometime a few days ago I posted about how no matter how much weight you lost you would still get bloated. It's true.

Something that is also true, is that (well, if you're me) no matter how much weight you lose you won't ever feel satisfied. I'm not saying I'm wanted to be Nicole Richie size, what I'm saying is that I basically have a new body now (I look at myself and don't recognize it as me). Yesterday I was looking in the mirror at the Y and thought to myself, I wish my legs were a little longer. I wish I were three inches taller. Why can't I just be happy with what I've got? I'll tell you why, because I can't get anything out of the cabinet without using a chair, I have to get a foot taken off of my wedding dress so I can walk in it, I always have to sit in the middle of the backseat because I "fit better". I'm not bitter though. Really. I mean, when I'm walking and there is a branch on a tree hanging low, I don't have to duck, and when they hang stuff from the ceiling at school, no problem for me. I don't have to avoid any of that. I can wear heels and be normal size (WHICH SUCKS because I hate wearing heels.)Ok, so this started out as a self-image post and has turned into an I hate being short post. I sound so crazy. But really. After I thought that at the Y..which I said so long ago, so if you've been distracted by all my crazy talk, yesterday at the Y I thought to myself, I wish my legs were a little longer. After I thought that I yelled at myself for being so ridiculous. I can't change my height. I need to shut up and be happy with what I've got. I can be such a baby sometimes.

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