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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feel Good Story

Today I was at work and I was messing around (nothing new) talking to Kristine, the receptionist. We were joking around with each other because there is always cookies in our office. Normally if one of us gets our hands on them they go straight in the trash. Unfortunately, both of us are PMSing pretty hard right now so we were arguing over what to do with the cookies. So we ate them. Right in the middle of my wonderfully delicious and satisfying sugar cookie, one of the attorneys walks up to me. A little background: he's not outgoing, I've never spoke to him. I have worked there almost a year and a half and have never had a conversation with the guy (which isn't unusual...some aren't so friendly, no big deal). So he comes up to me and I didn't even realize he was talking to me at first but he said "I have to ask, how much have you lost?" And it took me a minute to get over my shock and understand what he was asking me. Somehow I gathered my thoughts and told him (which, by the way is 28 lbs). He then went on to tell me that I was doing a fantastic job and wanted to know how I was doing it. I told him I was lifting weights and he commended me on doing the right thing for my body and warding of osteoporosis for my future (it's true, it helps) and the entire time all I could think about was THE STINKIN' COOKIE IN MY HAND! I was like here I am talking about how I'm losing weight and I cannot get my mind off of this cookie! Ugh! It was kind of funny. So he came back in a few minutes (he was in the middle of a mediation so he was in and out of conference rooms and was standing in the lobby while he was waiting for either side of the mediation to tell him they had an offer) and he was asking if I was watching what I was eating too. Now that I'm typing this it sounds a little creepy. He acknowledged that it was considered rude of him to ask but he said he wanted to tell me what a great job I was doing. He said that a few years ago they had a weight loss challenge in the office and he won because he lost 60 lbs. And he told me how much better it made him feel, physically and mentally, and that is exactly how I feel too. And then some other small talk that I don't really remember, but it made me feel awesome. I knew my family could tell and friends and other people who I talk to regularly, but I didn't realize other people noticed. Especially attorneys who I thought didn't notice anything.

"Got no reason to bitch
Ain't no parties I've missed
Got to have it that way
'Cause baby I got…MOTIVATION"
-Sheryl Crow, Motivation

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