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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cake Server/Champane Flute Update

Remember these?

Josh saw them for the first time this weekend and he said they were a little to "Liberace" for him. This is what Josh compared our wedding flutes to:

So now we are looking for different flutes. Oh well. Can't have people thinking that my married husband is gay for drinking out of a glass with rhinestones on it. Whatever. If you are interested in the old flutes and servers, Click Here and Here. They are on sale right now.

We are looking at something like this now. We agreed on an all glass/crystal flute...because there is obviously nothing gay about crystal. These are Marquis by Waterford, but I don't think these are the same ones we looked at in the store. If you like them Click Here.

Hmmm...I wonder if we could agree on this server? Things Remembered, $15.00. This would be cute for a birthday party. If you like, Click Here, they have lots of other cute designs too.

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