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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Cake!

Not the wedding cake...Megan's Graduation Cake from me!

In the beginning, there were two beautiful pans of French Vanilla cake batter...

The pans of batter went into the oven and grew. They emerged back into the world as beautiful French Vanilla cakes. Much like caterpillars do.

This is me and the cakes hanging out while they were cooling off.

Sorry, I'm keeping you in suspense about how the beautiful cakes turned out. Here is the beautiful present for Megan's graduation.

And this, is the beautiful card that I made with my bare hands for Megan. I must say I did a fine job, for me.

Before you ask, the answer is Yes. All of these photos of the cake are necessary.

It was difficult to capture all of the cake's beauty in a photo...

But I think you can get the idea.

It is very photogenic.

And the plate really compliments the frosting.

A view from the top.

Me, Megan, and half of the cake. The cake is beautiful and all, but our beauty just took over this photo.

So cute! Just makes you want to eat more.

Love it.

Megan with her beautiful cake!

I am currently taking orders. I will make this cake (or one similar to this) for you for the small price of $100.00 per cake. You have no idea how hard this was for me to make, that is quite a deal. You can reach me via e-mail. Hurry and get your orders in, I'm filling up fast for summer. I'm currently trying to get my cake business in order, but I'm hoping to expand in the future and branch out to card making. I'm hoping to have a website up soon.

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  1. That's some cake there! But I got my wedding cake for less than that. So I think I'll pass! Thanks though! Let me know when you're having a 75% discount and I might take you up on that then. ;-]



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