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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Babies R Us Makes Me Drink

ETA: I wrote this post mid-December after I consumed the bottle of wine pictured below. I just found it as I was looking through my drafts folder and decided not to edit or add anything to it to preserve my original drunk-white-girl-ghetto talk. Enjoy.

For the entire time between the first baby shower I was ever invited to and now, Babies R Us has always held a special piece of hatred in my heart. Even before I had any idea of our infertility, I hated the store.

I don't know why, but I thought that maybe, just maybe, since we're going to be parents now, that I might enjoy the store. I thought it would be nice to see the nice baby stuff. I mean, Walmart has the baby section, but it isn't the same.

So I decided to go.

Side note: I have a huge amount of guilt about breastfeeding. Everything I read, and everything I see lists the benefits of breastfeeding. It is the best option for your baby. It is the healthiest thing you can do for your child. If you love your baby, you'll breastfeed. True story. I had always known that when we had children I would breastfeed if I were able (I hadn't planned on adopting), because it is the best thing you can do, and cheaper, yo. Joshua and I were both formula fed, and we're just fine, but that doesn't seem to matter to my brain.

Can we talk about how expensive these clothes are?
The first thing I see is a giant aisle of all breastfeeding stuff. I don't even know what it is. So I keep walking, and for some reason I have this anxious/embarrassed feeling. Like I shouldn't be there. Like it is an exclusive-to-pregnant ladies store.

So I leave. And I go to Walmart. And the night ended like this.
Cheap, yo.



  1. This is amazing. I love your drunk blog posts. You should start a blog about drunk blogging. Also you got kind of gangster with all the yos and it was awesome!

    1. It is so ridiculous. I'm glad you like it. I shake my head at myself.

  2. wow so bitchy comment above eh!!! Well I am a big fan of bottles of wine and I have to say stores like that are not for me either they even have them in Sweden and for all christenings and things we have ordered stuff from Amazon rather then go in them!

    1. The anonymous ones are my husband. I ignore them, and him.

      The more I learn about you the more convinced I am that we need to meet!



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