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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Love Graphs & Charts

I'm a sucker for them. I love the colors, and the interesting way of looking at things. Which is another reason why I love Sparkpeople.

They give you all the graphs and charts you could ever ask for!

This is yesterday's chart. They will track any nutrients you ask for. The main ones are calories, carbohydrates, fat, and protein. I added fiber and cholesterol to my chart, you can add anything you want.

 Yeah, I needed that candy yesterday. Trust me.

On the right is recommended, left is me. Here is where you can see that I'm not perfect. I'm not a fit blogger either.

These are my calorie values from April 20 when I started tracking. Disregard the red dot, that is today and I'm not even close to finished tracking for today. 
 I have a hard time with carbs. I love them. However, fiber is to be subtracted from the daily carb total, and Sparkpeople does not do that, so I subtract it myself, and then I typically fall within the goal line.
 Lately, my fats have all been under. Josh says not to worry about it, but Sparkpeople says do worry about it. I'm going with Josh though, and not worrying about it.
 I have had a hard time getting my protein up into the target range, until I started eating more fish, chicken, and eggs.
So far, I'm down 8lbs. That is super exciting to me, because it feels like it has been so long since I've felt results. We have about five months until vacation, and I'm planning on meeting my goal right about the same time we're lounging on the beach. I cannot wait.

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