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Thursday, May 26, 2011

As Easy As 1-2-3

Joshua and I were sitting in the living room this morning talking about how I'm a crazy bird lady, and somehow got onto the topic of window screens. I said "I'm going to make screens today", and guess what...I did.

I Googled "how to make window screens" and got a ridiculous amount of websites where I could watch videos, get step by step DIY photos, and even order pre-made screens (I'm going to go into business for the pre-made ones. It's so easy I could make a billion and sell them. Since you read my blog though you won't ever need to buy any because you'll know how stinkin' easy it is to make your own.).

Menards had the best info on their website about the kits to make screens, so I hopped on the highway and went out there to see what they had going on. I pink puffy heart Menards. Big time.

They even had directions in the aisle, which made me feel way easier about doing this myself.
I know, you can't tell, but this is the window without a screen. Our living/dining room has an obscene amount of window space. Like unbelievable. There are four openable windows in this area, but we could only use one, because they didn't come with screens when we moved in. I really dislike using the air conditioning unless it's July and I'm near death. Joshua would like to turn it on in March if it were 70°F in the house. The cost of using the air typically wins this argument though, and we keep the windows open as long as possible. Back to my original point, we have four windows and only one that opens. Nonsense.
So I promptly went to Menards, got all the supplies I needed (which, by the way were listed on the screen kit I bought. The only thing that came in the kit was the frame pieces, the screen and tools were sold separately.

I bought my first hack saw today. It was $3.49. I've never used a saw for anything before. In my whole life. Once I got the hang of how to use it, I busted these screens out like nobody's business.
This is the completed frame for the big window.
Here it is with the screen in and finished. I know, it's hard to see, but this was a serious accomplishment for me. At least act impressed.
It gets a bit messy. This is the smaller frame.
Did I mention that I need a workbench in the garage?
And now the living room has air.
We can breathe now, and maybe get a few extra weeks without the air conditioning. I can only hope.

This was a pretty easy and inexpensive project.

The supplies:
12" hacksaw - $3.49
Spline plastic roller - $2.50 (this helps get the screen into the crease. I wouldn't recommend skipping this)
48x84 gray fiberglass screen - $6.49
2 36x36 Frame kits - $15.38
1 48x48 Frame kit - $10.98

Subtotal: $38.84
IN 7% sales tax: $2.71

Grand Total: $41.55

It took me about an hour to put all three together, which would take less if I did this again because now I know how. It would also cost less because I wouldn't need to purchase the hack saw or the spline tool.

I am so happy I finally did this. Have you made screens before. Was it cheaper than this? Do tell.

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