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Friday, April 22, 2011

Where To Hang?

We don't have a front hall closet in our house, in fact, the first closet is past the living room on the way to the bedrooms. What tends to happen is that Joshua and I use the dining room chairs for coat racks. (This is a very old picture, but it is our dining room table and chairs, before we started hanging coats on it. I may not have even been living in our house when I took this picture.) Anyway, it sucked because it seemed like the house could never really look clean and I didn't have anywhere to hang our jackets. It seems silly to put them completely away when we're going to wear them tomorrow.
Problem solved.
Hanging mirror shelf: Target Pub Mirror. Click there to get your own.
Don't have it shipped though. I had bad luck with shipping a mirror from Target. Haha, get it? Bad luck. It broke.

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