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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talk About A Site I Need

I have a hard time with my hair.
I am very impatient with my hair.

I have this love/hate relationship with it. 

Some days it is really awful and I end up with a head band, and other days I can get it to look like this (very rare).
(I took this picture because I'm fairly certain it will never look like this again).

So, I'm going the long way of saying, I need a website like this. Literally need.

Lauren Conrad (yes, that Lauren Conrad) just started a new website called The Beauty Department. This is straight from the site: "We are so excited to be launching thebeautydepartment.com! This is a site for anyone who’s ever had a beauty question or gotten into a fight with a hair brush and lost. We’ll be covering all kinds of hair+makeup how-to’s, nail trends, skin issues, tools, current obsessions & inspirations, as well as countless quick tips. In the process we are truly excited to get to know all of you! We want  to read your emails and we want you to participate in our voting polls so we can figure out exactly what you need! We want to make beauty as accessible as possible. We’re releasing new things every day including videos, printable photo tutorials and exclusive images of our lovely Lauren Conrad. Don’t forget to bookmark thebeautydepartment.com and check back every day for your daily dose of pretty!"

 A step-by-step tutorial. Yes, please!

Check it out. I've already bookmarked it.

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