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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little Something You Didn't Know

I don't think I've ever mentioned it here, because I'd like to act like it doesn't exist, but I have a bathroom in my bedroom. Some idiot decided to take the precious little closet space (which would have been a quite decent walk-in) and turned it into a bathroom that is too small for my husband to turn around in. If you would use the toilet, you could rest your head on the sink. Not only that, it isn't a 1/2 bath, it's a full bath, complete with a stand up shower. I don't have a new home. It isn't ancient, but it does have old pipes. One month after we bought our house, I noticed a smell. I didn't like the bathroom from the beginning, but didn't have a problem with it until I opened the door and found sewage coming up out of the shower floor drain. We got a plumber to come and snake the drains, but it has never changed my feelings toward the bathroom. Since it doesn't get used, I have to pour water down the drains every few months because they start to smell like rust and clothes that have been left in the washer too long. I would love to cap the drains and take it all out and make it my precious closet. The only reason I hesitate, is because when we try to sell, we'll have this whole big house with only one bathroom..which is essentially how we live now, but having two makes the value higher, I think. Anyone have any knowledge on this?

So I had to tell that whole long story to tell you this one.

While I was trying to figure out what to do with the bathroom, I suggested we turn it into a sauna. Josh used to use the sauna at the Y a lot, until he found the steam room at the downtown Y. I kind of forgot about it until this morning when I opened my email. I spend a lot of time at Sam's Club, so I was a little surprised when they sent me this email, which shows them having a variety of home saunas. I couldn't believe it.

They are all priced around $1000, with shipping included. For some reason I thought a sauna would be much more expensive. These are all 1-2 people max, but they look nice. It's not like we'd be having a sauna party anyway. I'm sure we'll never even get one, I just thought it was weird that you could get one at Sam's.

If you're interested click here, here, here, and here.

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