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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Early Birthday Gift

We have such a nice puppy...she gave me three...count them, three gifts today.

I was none too thrilled. Any tips on house training? We go a while where it seems like she's getting it, and then we have a day like today where she has it totally backward.

I told you a few days ago that it was going to be a good birthday. First I got the earrings for free, then I got the coupon for the video store to take off my late fees, and tonight...

My mother came over unexpectedly to drop off my new Keurig Coffee Maker!! I'm so excited about it!

This is when I was running the first cups of water through. Isn't it shiny?

All these cups came with it, which is so awesome. The little black box in the bottom right corner is a variety pack so you can taste all different kinds. It came with 72 KCups, which is awesome, because they're kinda expensive.
I got out three mugs to see how big the cups were that it will brew. Our coffee mugs are gargantuan, so it takes one medium and one small cycle to fill them.
The super cool drip tray.

I had all kinds of mugs of steaming water, and it was too late for coffee...so I made hot chocolate. :) Yum.

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