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Sunday, February 28, 2010

In My Opinion

Previews are the best part of the entire movie watching experience.

I don't particularly love going to a movie theater. For one thing, one ticket costs $8.75 in Fort Wayne, so I'm sure it's almost a million dollars in bigger cities. Another thing, I have to sit in the same seat and watch the whole thing all the way through. I like to watch movies at home because I can pause them, walk around, make something to eat, or whatever, I just don't have to sit in the same place for two hours. And I can get movies for $1 at the Redbox.

I have always loved watching the previews. It's kind of like watching the whole movie in a minute. You get an understanding of what its about, who is in it, what happens, and then it's over. I never let Josh fast forward through the previews, they're my favorite.

Sherlock Holmes
Trailer starts at 0:30.

Dear John

So ladies, how sad was it? I think almost every girl I know went and saw this movie. The preview almost makes me cry. Let me know, seriously. I can't handle Nicholas Sparks anymore.

Alice in Wonderland

Joshua wants to see this. Johnny Depp is kind of freaking me out, and I'm not a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter.

Shutter Island

I saw an interview of Leonardo DiCaprio on GMA, and thought the movie looked interesting. I like Mark Ruffalo and just saw that he is in this movie as well. I am definitely not a scary movie person, but I do want to see this.

Remember Me

A movie I don't particularly care to see. I never even heard of it before last night. I don't think Rob Pattinson is particularly talented, but I thought I'd put it up here for anyone who does.


  1. So Dear John was so good!! Not as good as the Notebook but still good! And yes Heather and I both cried...cuz Channing Tatum cries and I cant handle when fully grown men cry!! :-) Wish you could have gone too though!!

  2. Glad to hear it was good. Have you seen Sherlock Holmes? It was so good, I kind of want to see it again. I'd say it was one of the better movies I've seen in a while...besides Twilight though, that was the best ever. Hahaha.



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