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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Great Buy, Sad Day

I wrote a few days ago about my coffee mug woes. I have these amazing Fiesta mugs, which are a tad too big. I love them, but they're a bit heavy for the handle, and not super comfortable to hold. Don't worry, I'm definitely not getting rid of them, but when I got a Kohls gift certificate for my birthday I decided to compliment my mug collection with a few smaller ones.

Little did I know that I would hit the mug jackpot. At Kohls, Wednesday is senior citizens day. My Nanny is a senior citizen, so we often go shopping on Wednesdays. I found these Food Network mugs, and you won't believe the deal I got.

Round on the top, square on the bottom.
The mugs came in a pack of four. They were marked down to $11.99 per pack. They were originally priced $39.99 per pack. We got the 15% discount, and then for my birthday gift my Nanny bought one of the packs for me. So I got $80 worth of mugs, for $10. It's a steal!

This is the new home for our Fiesta mugs. Don't worry, this isn't retirement. I use almost everything in these cabinets. If we drank champagne more often (or ever) I'd use everything in these cabinets. :)
The sad news is, shortly after these photos were taken, my brand new Keurig Coffee Maker went to the big coffee shop in the sky. For some unexplainable reason it is broken...after two weeks of use.

I actually was worried that something like this might happen. These coffee makers are sold in my place of work, and I have seen many of them coming back in for returns. I kept all of the packaging in case something like this would happen. Unfortunately mine was one of the last three in the store, and they no longer carry the model. I really wanted to keep it, and figured the only option I had was to take it back and go buy one elsewhere.


I called the Keurig hotline because I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to fix it. The guy on the phone was super nice and friendly. He asked what problems I was experiencing, so I described them to him, and he said "with the problems you're describing, we're going to ship a new brewer out to you, could I have your shipping address?" I was stunned. Really? It's that easy? He said in 3-10 business days I'll receive my exact same model and I don't have to send in my broken one. He even advised that I take apart my broken one and keep parts of it for spares. I gave him my info and I was off the phone in five...count them, FIVE minutes. I have never had an easier experience using an 800 number. Ever.

But until 3-10 business days, it tooks like I'll be enjoying my coffee from my old Hamilton Beach BrewStation. Woo. Hoo.

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