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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've said this before, and I'll say it again. I think I should be able to have the smiley faces at the end of my blog posts so I can put what my mood is. If I did have those, today's would say "contemplative". I was just on Facebook, as I usually am, and I was thinking. Last night I deleted a few people from my friends who are particularly annoying to me, and I'm not sure why I was even friends with them in the first place. By "friends" I mean people I used to talk to or be actual friends with in high school, but did not make it into my post-high school life. I've talked before about the "hanger-on" friends, and these are similar, yet slightly less personal. So Facebook friends are typically not actual friends, but some are. In that case, it's unnecessary to have Facebook, because you keep in contact with these friends outside of Facebook. So I had some Facebook friends who were particularly annoying to me, and I was tired of reading about their obnoxious on my news feed every time I signed on. So I deleted them. If you've never used the "delete" feature on Facebook, you're missing out. It's so empowering. I work with an attorney who deleted his sister because she made him angry, and we had an entire conversation about how satisfying it is to delete someone out of your virtual life. I mean it, try it, I know you have someone on your friends list you would love to delete. I had this thing for a while, where I actually kept people on my friends list who I really didn't like, just so I could see what was happening in their lives. It's pathetic, but I can admit it. I went through and deleted all the people I don't talk to, don't know, and don't care to hear about, about two or three months ago. I went from about 300ish friends, to around 70. I really wasn't even that selective in my deleting. Obviously, because I still had people on there last night who bug the shit out of me. So I deleted them, and I decided to put them on block too. Thats the ultimate end to a friendship. A virtual friendship, that is. So today I was looking and decided to block a few more people. Yes, I got power hungry. So while I was going through my remaining friends, I realized that it's actually pretty pointless to have Facebook when my only friends left are my two best friends, my fiance, and my mom.

Yesterday, Megan, Ashley, and I went out for lunch together. Ashley brought up my stalking habit. I suppose you could call me a stalker, but that depends on which way you look at it. I prefer to say that I'm being a caring friend or observant. But honestly, Facebook practically forces information on you about your friends. So the minute that Ashley updates her status and says something depressing, I do ask her whats wrong. Would a caring friend/stalker really let it go for a while before asking, just so her friend wouldn't think she's stalking her? Whatever.

I may end up deleting my Facebook again. I did it before, but I was only off for about a day. I'm pretty sure I'll last longer this time. At least two days.

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