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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Traumatizing Experience

In an attempt to save money I decided to get my hair cut at Great Clips (also because I think it's completely ridiculous to pay $30.00 every six weeks for a trim). I have an issue with going to places like Great Clips. I have never heard anyone say "Oh, I got this amazing haircut and Great Clips!". Not ever. But I decided to take my chances. So I went in and the place was packed...with high school aged boys. So then I'm thinking, "great, this is the place where only guys trust to get their hair cut." Because honestly, how bad can you mess up a buzz?

So I put my name in and they tell me 15 to 20 minutes. So I sit and panic for 15 to 20 minutes. I'm evaluating ALL of my surroundings, fellow customers as well, and my dread gets worse. All I can think about is how horrible I'm going to look. I'm not sure why I didn't walk out then, but I didn't. So finally (20 minutes is a long time to panic) my name was called (just like I was at the license branch or something) and I stood up to meet the woman who could possibly ruin my life for the next month. I walked back to her station and she told me her name was Olga. She doesn't fit her name, she really looked like a Terri or a Lori, but I didn't comment on her name. So Olga started small talking me and she said "Oh, I'm so excited! I get my hair cut on Friday!" Which struck me as odd, she works at a hair salon, can't she get her hair cut whenever she feels like it? So I asked her "Do you get your hair cut here?" and she quickly replied "No."


Then she kept going "I have someone I went to before I started working here and I just didn't want to be rude and leave." At this point, she should have stopped talking. At this point, I should have got up out of the chair. Then she kept going, she said "I've had the girls here cut my hair once or twice, but..." and she never finished what she said.


I think I'll go ahead and say that fear is what made me immoblie and unable to get up out of the chair and throw the cape at her. She wasn't a nasty person, don't get me wrong, she was actually very nice and friendly, I wasn't impressed by her lack of confidence in her own salon, but I had the very same lack of confidence.

Anyway, she cut my hair and it looks better than it has for about four months. So the next time I need a haircut and build up the nerve to go, I'll probably try to go to Olga again. It was a terrifying experience though. All I could think while I was panicking in the waiting area was that when I'm 40 and write a story about my life, I'll probably devote a whole chapter to my Great Clips experience.

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