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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Food Journal

I hate food journals, with a capital HATE. I think they are stupid and dumb and stupid and I hate them.

That being said, I think food journals are just about the smartest idea ever.

Now you really think I'm crazy, huh?

I was complaining to Josh yesterday that I have weighed 165 for two months now. I work out consistently, I do cardio consistently, and I have a consistent diet. What is happening? He is genuinely interested in helping me because he knows how hard I've been working, so he told me to write down everything I eat for three days and we can try to figure out what needs changing. At first I groaned because I don't want to write down everything that goes into my mouth, that would mean I'm actually responsible for the food I eat. I can't handle that type of responsibility. But I started doing it anyway, and it works. Every time I would think about snacking on something I would remember that I'd have to write it down. And somehow, calories look so much worse when they're staring up at you from the page of your notebook.

I know how many calories I consumed yesterday and so far for today. The little things do add up. I know there is a formula for counting the calories for food you make yourself, but I can't remember how to do it. I made that pasta last night and I just made sure I had the correct serving sizes and then added all the calories together. I need to find that formula and figure it out. But the journal definitely kept me from snacking last night, and believe it or not, when I went to the Y this morning I almost fell of the scale when it said "163".

As much as I hate food journals, I think I'll give it a good try.

Side note: I think the journal in that picture is adorable.

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