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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doesn't It Just Figure?

Back story: My mom's best friend's son's girlfriend (yeah, figure that one out) just graduated from Carroll HS and is into photography. I've never seen her pictures but I've been told that she is amazing. I guess their family went to a wedding and the bride paid $5000 for a photographer and they only framed the pictures this girl took just as a guest.

So I sent her an email a few months ago asking if she'd be interested in meeting with me about our wedding. Well I didn't hear anything from her so I figured she wasn't interested. Yesterday when I was getting seriously in to photographers I sent her another email asking her to let me know either way if she wasn't interested or if she didn't get my email. Then I sent an email to the lady who I want to do our photos about our wedding. The other lady wrote back this morning and said that she had our date open and that we'll meet sometime next week. I just now checked my email and I have one from the girl who just graduated saying that she emailed me back but I must have not gotten it and that she's very interested in doing our wedding! Geez! So I asked her to send me a price menu and we'll see how things go. I'm sure she'll be much cheaper than the lady, but I am so sold on the older lady. I really want her because she made me feel really comfortable when I talked to her before and she's taken pictures at our church before.

So we'll see what it comes down to. Right now I have no idea! It's a good thing our wedding is still 10 months away. : )

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