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Thursday, February 14, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding Me..

From Knotblog: Originally Posted: 2/6/08
So I've been having bad dreams lately, like of explosions and people I know being hurt. Last night was totally different. I had a nightmare...about our wedding. It isn't the first either. Last night I was freaking out in my dream because it was our wedding day and I was totally unprepared. I hadn't done anything, I was running around like crazy, and I kept telling myself "No one will notice, they have to think I'm beautiful because I'm the bride!" Except I wasn't, I didn't even believe it. I had one some white dress that I didn't like and I looked like I had just finished working out. My hair was a mess and so was my makeup. It was awful. I was mad because Josh and I were taking pictures together before the wedding and I specifically said (even though I don't know if I've told anyone) that I don't want him to see my dress before our wedding. It was terrible. I woke up in a panic about getting everything done until I realized that I have so much time left to do all of that, it was bad though. I sure hope those dreams don't last until we're married...

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  1. I can't believe you're having wedding nightmares already!!! I didn't get those until I hit my alltime stress level with it! But dont worry-- thing will still go off your plans-- its just natural! But the beauty of it all is that only you and those that talk to you know if something doesn't go right. Everyone else will think thats how it was to be. =]



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