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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm such a dip.

From Knotblog: Originally posted 2/9/08

I don't know if I've ever told you this or not, (ok I know I haven't told you since this is my fourth blog post, but it sounded good, ok?) but I am a dip. I usually try to keep it all together, and I trust my brain to remember too much.
So there's this bridal show at the Grand Wayne Center (very nice location downtown where I live) and I was so excited that I was going because the first one I went to was less than impressive. Anyway, I had been scrambling to get someone to go with me all week long. Maid of Honor Megan is out of town, other Maid of Honor Sarah lives out of town, Joshua is absolutely not interested, Lisa (my future mother in law) was working, and so was my mom. So finally I got my mom to get off work at noon so she could go with me. So we drive downtown (which is a distance from my house), find parking (ok so I don't live in like a huge city, but it can be difficult to find parking, ok not that difficult, but I didn't want to pay for parking, so it can be difficult to find free parking) and we go inside. First we're greeted by 324,556 karate participants. There's some tournament going on there too. We're looking all around, see signs for a "Golf Liquidation Sale!" and for the baby show. So my mom and I just start walking. We get down to the end of the hall and my mom sees some friends come out and she starts talking to them. And I'm just standing there thinking... And it dawns on me, I never checked the date for sure. I don't know for certain that it's today. I'm not beating myself up for it because I don't care about being wrong but I do care about feeling stupid. So I walk over to the security guard and ask where the bridal show is, to which is response is "Waddaya wanna get married for?" followed by an equally loud big belly laugh. He says there is no bridal show today and that its next weekend. NEXT WEEKEND?? How could I have done this. The ONLY explanation is that I was SO excited, on the radio they said that the first 200 brides in the door get a free planning tote. A FREE PLANNING TOTE! Ok, so they probably mean like a free plastic bag or something, but I thought, just once, I'm going to get the free thing they hand out. I'm always too late to get it but I was certain I was going to be early enough to get the free "Bride To Be" planning tote. Yes, me, the "Bride To Be". Turns out, a week ahead of time is too early.

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