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Friday, February 15, 2008

The World.

I realize I'm not the only person asking this lately, but what is wrong with the world? (I want an answer, right now.)

Things on my mind today:
1. Valentine's Day
2. Violence
3. My dreams

I don't quite understand Valentine's Day. It bothers me, and I even have someone to celebrate it with. I see it as, "hey today is a day where we can send each other gifts and rub it in the faces of our single friends." Maybe I'm to sympathetic..I'm not taking advantage of it not that I have it, whereas the single people who complain about Valentine's Day secretly wish they had someone to spend it with...weird.

I don't know where to begin with my violence thoughts. I'm upset about the school shooting in Illinois, and the one a while back in Virginia, and all of the other school shootings. I'm not against guns, I believe in our Second Amendment rights. (If Josh happens to be reading this he probably loves me a little more now that I've said that.) I really don't see anything wrong with owning guns. Most people say "if you don't intend to use it, why have it?" and I say "why not." I didn't used to say that though. I used to be absolutely completely against guns. I hated them, could stand them, I even got nervous when I was around one. Just the thought that the object sitting right in front of me could kill me or anyone else made me feel ill. And then I realized, that same thought could occur to me no matter what was sitting in front of me. If you think about it, lots of things can kill you, not only guns. Josh is a gun owner, and I'm fine with that now. One reason why I'm fine with it now, is that I've learned that guns are not whats bad. Its bad/stupid people, who have guns. I believe that is the common misconception. My honest opinion is that you need to shoot a gun before you make an opinion about guns. Josh made me (yes, he made me, I did NOT want to go) go to the shooting range last summer. To make a long story short, I suck at hitting a target, but I'm much more comfortable with guns than I used to be. I was very impressed with the respect that Josh and Nate have for guns and it really opened my eyes. This is not where I was going with this. What I started to talk about was the school shootings. Why are these people doing this? I don't know the statistics on shootings but this seems to be such a problem lately. And every time I'm always like, "Oh that can't happen to me" but it can. Its very real, and very scary. Its scary that these individuals get guns in the first place. How is that possible? Why do people want to shoot innocent individuals? I sat and had breakfast with Matt Lauer this morning (Yes, Matt Lauer from the Today Show) and he was showing the story about this most recent school shooting and all I could do was sit there and cry. Granted, I'm pretty emotional right now anyway, all I could think was "these are people my age...people who are just starting their lives...like me...all of their hard work is gone now because of one selfish shooter...why?" I should stop now or I'll keep rambling on forever.

I keep having these crazy dreams. Last night I had this dream that Josh and I were being chased around my neighborhood by E.T. like the one from the movie. I remember thinking in my dream "how on earth did the people who made that movie know what aliens really looked like? what if one of them was an alien? weird." But I was so scared, it was awful, and I couldn't wake up. Yuck. I wish the dreams would stop. I should just stop talking now, and probably do some work while I'm here. I do believe they expect it.

"All I wanna do, is have some fun
I've got a feelin' I'm not the only one."
-Sheryl Crow, All I Wanna Do

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