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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Issue Of the Chanel Earrings

So today was the actual day of the bridal show at the Grand Wayne Center. Me, mom, Megan and William went. It was very nice, I saw a lot of things I liked. I definitely liked it better than the first one I went to. AND...I was one of the first 200 brides through the door and got my FREE planning tote : ) It is nicer than a plastic bag..but it was free. So anyway, onto the earrings. We stopped at this jeweler's booth. It was all handmade stuff, I guess. The older lady who was working was very nice but her daughter, the owner, wasn't so friendly. Anyway, I spotted a pair of Chanel earrings that I have wanted to have for years. I'm not exaggerating, I have honestly wanted them since the very first time I've seen them. The very first time I saw them, I remember the exact date. It was April 26, 2006, I believe. So, no, not years, about a year and a half. Care to know why I know the exact date? It was the day I had all four wisdom teeth removed. Yes, a great day. Care to know how I saw them? After my surgery, I was recovering, after demanding from every single nurse I saw that I needed my teeth to give to the tooth fairy. It was procedure. So they didn't give them back to me, something about them being bio-hazard, and I was upset. Anyway, that has nothing to do with the earrings. The nurse that helped me out to the car, yes, a nurse had to help me, my mom couldn't stop laughing long enough to help me walk, had on a pair of these earrings. And I specifically remember telling her how unbelievably much I LOVED her earrings. I'm positive I looked like Drunk Girl from Saturday Night Live. If you've seen it you know what I mean. Look up "Drunk Girl Saturday Night Live" on YouTube. It has to be there. Ok, so I just went on YouTube and there is totally not a clip of Drunk Girl. What a total shame. So just imagine any completely trashed drunk girl you've ever seen and thats what I looked like, telling this nurse that she had great earrings. Yeah. Great memories. So imagine my surprise when a (fake) pair turn up at this bridal show. For $30.00. DEFINITELY fake. Real ones go for about $400.00 per pair, any they don't even have diamonds in them. So immediately without thinking I decide that I have to buy them. I mean $30.00! Thats a STEAL. Now I need to tell a different story to finish this one. I don't know if anyone has really noticed, but since Christmas I've stopped carrying my Coach purses. I'm beginning to not like that I see people who have them and it seems like they only have them to flaunt how much money they have. I love the brand, don't get me wrong. I love their designs and everything they make. But it's outrageously expensive, and they are even on the least expensive end of designer bags. So my mom got me this new brand of bags for Christmas, they are Maxximum. And I love them. I got two bags for Christmas and one just last week for my birthday. They are so nice, so roomy, have lots of pockets inside, and they won't break your bank to get one. They don't have the product logo displayed all over the entire bag so the whole world knows what you're carrying. Coach is dependable, the bags honestly last FOREVER, but lets face it, a bag is a bag. The pretty print on the outside doesn't make it more or less functional than the next bag. While on the subject, I would like to make a personal statement: I have never spent a ridiculous amount on a Coach item. I spent $9.00 on a wallet that I found on eBay (I'm not convinced its real, but I don't care). Other than that, my entire Coach collection has been given to me as gifts. (I have great people, what can I say?) But now, I'm over it. There is so much more to life than spending your savings on a pretty accessory. So back to the earrings. I have these beautiful new (fake) Chanel earrings. Should I call them Fhanel? Like, Fake Chanel? No, I never did well with those blended words anyway. I probably owe Chanel like a million dollars for using their name so many times in this blog. I don't care about copyrights, this is my blog. So, without thinking, I got the earrings. Actually my mom bought them for me, she saw me getting my purse and she offered. So she bought them, I put them in my purse, and didn't think about them again until I got home. This is where the issue started. I got home and started writing my grocery list. I reached in my bag to get a pen and grabbed the earrings. I opened them (still excited at this point) and put them in my ears. First of all (this has nothing to do with this particular set of earrings, this is a general ear complaint) I already have an ear issue. My parents got my ears pierced when I was about six months old (I'm a product of the 80's) and whoever did it, must have not been certified. They (my parents) say that they (the idiot piercers) stood on each side of me and pierced both ears at the same time. Idiots. Whoever put the marker dots on my ears must have been on crack (or was '86 before the use of the marker dot? Maybe I am the reason why they know use the dots to make sure they know where to punch the whole) because the holes are not lined up. The hole in my right ear is seriously lower than the hole in my left ear. And its bothered me since I've started wearing earrings (sometime around, oh, '87). Back to the Chanel, or Fhanel, earrings. I put them in, the one is seriously lower than the other, but if I turn it upside down they look the same height on my ears. Small victory. So I get my grocery list and head for the store. On the way to Wal-Mart I begin to think. "What do these earrings say about me?", "Do they say I'm a rich snob who blows her money on $400.00 earrings and buys groceries at Wal-Mart?", "Surely these earrings don't define me as a person." And the doubting began. They're just earrings, right? They don't scream "FAKE!" I can usually spot fakes, except my Coach wallet that I'm still unsure about, and there is no way to tell that these are fakes. They are identical to the real thing. Which almost makes me want to be an attorney for Chanel so I could have busted this girl for ripping off their trademark...but I'm not. Its funny that I just said that, because every single time we see someone commit a traffic violation, Josh ALWAYS says "Man, I wish I were a cop." Ok, maybe it's not as funny to you. But it is to me. And it's my blog. So get over it. Back to the (fake) Chanel earrings. The entire time through the store I wonder what people think if they notice my earrings. And then I wonder how I became SO self-involved that I feel like everyone in the world (yes, everyone at Wal-Mart is everyone in the world. It is a very culturally diverse crowd there) is looking at me saying, oh she must have money, why is she here? She must be a snob. And here I am back to thinking everyone is thinking the very same things about me that they did when I was a cheerleader in high school. Except, I'm pretty sure people did think those things then, no matter how untrue I believe they are. But my issue is, do I wear the earrings or not? I stopped carrying Coach because it's being used as a status symbol as of late (which is completely ridiculous considering our current economic worries) and here I am, looking just as ridiculous in an outrageously expensive-looking pair of earrings. I obviously can't announce to the whole world that I only paid $30.00 for some rip-offs (I really can't believe I even paid $30.00. I wish I would have had this conversation in my head before I decided I HAD to have them. So do I wear them, or not? I can't decide. I'm currently wearing them, and I keep checking myself out in the mirror, and I really like how they look. Should I care THAT much what other people think (if they even notice) about my earrings? I keep thinking, "No. I like them, I'm going to wear them." But then, I also have this little nagging in the back of my mind that says, "No, don't wear them. They aren't you." I wish my brain only thought one direction. The conversations in my head would go so much more smoothly.

"Well, we're doin' mighty fine, I do suppose,
In our streak of lightnin' cars and fancy clothes,
But just so we're reminded of the ones who are held back,
Up front there ought 'a be a Man In Black."
-Johnny Cash, Man In Black

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  1. Hey- you better stop worrying about what everyone else thinks! You are you. You like what you like. Everyone is different. Each and every one of us have our own tastes. And just because some Joe Blow doesn't like your earings, who cares?! Be who you are and don't let anyone else change that! After all, if you were what "everyone" else liked-- I think you'd be a little insane. Stay true to you, that is what makes you Angi (or is is Angela???..) --AlliB



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