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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ready To Be Mom, Just Not Today

I've had a rather interesting 24 hours. Sunday night is my laundry and relax night. Ok, every night is my relax night, but I add laundry on Sunday. I'm starting to sound like Rain Man here. Anyway, I was doing my ritual of eating dinner in front of the computer so I can be on Pinterest and got a text from our birth mom that her water is leaking. Like leaking, leaking. She knows what it feels like because this isn't her first rodeo, whereas it is mine, so I panicked.

I tried to convince her to go to the hospital, but she wanted to wait until the morning. So we waited, because what else can I do? This morning I went in to work because I would at least be closer to her house if I was there, and she decided at 9 that we were going to go. Her nurse told her to go straight to L&D, so that's what we did. And then I started to panic that I was going to be a mom today. TODAY.

As soon as we got a room they ran the tests that confirmed that she was not leaking amniotic fluid. So we sat there for a few more hours. If that would have been the case we would have been sent to a bigger hospital with a NICU and I truly don't know what would have happened. From all I've read, everything should have been fine, but I'm so glad SuperBaby is staying in for at least another day. Birth mom is 33 weeks today.

So I decided not to go back to work, because honestly all that stress is exhausting. Both of us were almost falling asleep in the room because we hadn't slept last night. I came home and slept so good for the entire afternoon. I accomplished more at home than I would have at work.

So that is my day. I hope you all had a less eventful one!

8 weeks old


  1. O goodness glad all is well but how stressful!!

  2. Of course you couldn't go back to work! Well, I guess you *could* have but, really, making sure that you're rested and feeling good is the best thing you can do. Before too long you won't be rested at all! ;)



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