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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mushy Gushy

A few days ago, my wonderful husband turned 26 27. As this is our tenth birthday spent together, I felt I should say a few words about how the last ten years have gone.

I don't typically get all mushy about my husband outside of our home. We're not PDAers. I don't call him my hubby, hubs, hubbers, DH. He is my husband, and his name is Joshua.

I like stats, so here are a few stats of the past ten years:

20 - birthdays (10 each)
3 -  cars manufactured before 1979
2 - new siblings
4 - graduations
10 - dogs
1- dog pregnancy and labor
5 - years blogging
4 - years as homeowners
2 - Disney trips
5 - Ocean trips
1 - Walmart customer service blowup
3 - years of infertility
1 - ice storm
2 - floods
1 - sex change. Ha. Kidding.

You know that I journal to the baby, but you don't know that I also journal to my husband. He doesn't know either, that I know of. One day he called me at work to tell me that he "kind of accidentally" read the journal that I write to the baby, but he didn't even notice the other journal right under that one that is to him.


You crack me up. I never in my whole life thought that marriage would ever be this fun. I thought marriage was like a job, and once you got to a certain age, you just put up with it. At times I get so frustrated with you, but I still couldn't love you more. (Actually, if you'd clean your protein shaker cups, I might love you more). Before we wanted children, I thought that most people had kids when they got bored with their significant other. Like, yeah, you're cool, but let's make some people. Now I know that isn't true. I love that you've been here with me through infertility, and I love that we get to become parents together. I cannot wait to see what an amazing dad you'll be, because I know you're going to be so wonderful at it.

In the past ten years I've seen you change so much into the man I love today. You have all of the qualities I hope our children have and more. It is so sweet to see you excited about our baby, and it kills me when you buy toys for the baby. I'm so excited for this new part of our life together. We work well, and I'm sure the baby will fit in like one of us.

I'll love you forever,


  1. What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your hubs (you may not call him that, but I will!!) And I think is is so cute and sweet that you journal to both of them.

    Also, love the cake... makes me hungry. Send me a piece, with the puppies. But don't let the puppies eat the cake.

  2. Even the temper tot?

    1. I don't even want that thing inside the house.

  3. haha so cute! love the fact that you all were high school sweeties.Glad you guys made it work all this time.

    1. ohh goodness this is Andrea I idnt have any of those required accounts haha



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