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Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Impossible

I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of a fashion disaster, but I'm okay with that. It has never really been that important to me. I'm a one extreme to another kind of person. I'm either dressed for work, or I'm dressed for a coma.

I became friends with Nikki at the Fashionable Wife a few months ago when she and Kelly created our online book club (which I'm slacking as a member of). Nikki is my new guru. She finds things for me. I told her about my riding boots and she styled them for me in about a billion different ways.

I bought this dress at b.Moss in 2006 (They're not even in business anymore) and it is honestly my favorite item of clothing I've ever owned. It looks as great today as it did when I bought it. This is me wearing it in spring 2008 (look at how small my brothers were!).
It is one of my summer favorites, but have never worn it past fall. I have a new love for tights though, and I've learned how to layer, so I've started making this happen:
I have more than one way to wear my favorite dress now! I'm so excited about this new development!
And my riding boots. I'm not sure if I've posted about my calf conundrum before, but I've got serious issues. My feet are the size of someone without calf muscles. True story. I've had this issue since the very first day I wanted knee high boots. We all have our crosses to carry. Nikki taught me that I can layer everything I own and make use of my second favorite summer dress in the winter. Suddenly my wardrobe potential has doubled without costing millions.
And I now need to go put on my sweats. Fashion is exhausting.


  1. Haha!! This post totally got me laughing! LOVING the purple tights!! And I'm happy that your boots survived the straying incident! :)

  2. As someone who only wears scrubs at work and yoga pants the rest of the time I can relate. I like the look. It's cute. This has inspired me to start actually get dressed.



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