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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A New Twist

Before I get into the real story, let me just say that I have an awesome mom who bought us some really awesome Christmas decorations. I came home and these packages were all waiting for me in the breezeway (yes, Joshua, you walked right past them).

Aren't they pretty?

She was at Cracker Barrel and picked this nativity set out for us. It is two separate sets. One is Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. The other is the Three Wise Men.

Beautiful family.
But wait, who is this??
Upon closer examination, I found that we only have two Wise Men....

And two Josephs.
It is your everyday blended family. Gives new meaning to "Jesus has two dads" doesn't it?
I laughed so hard that my mom couldn't understand me on the phone trying to tell her about it.

Some responses:
Eric: "hipster Jesus"
Joshua: "It's a modern set"
Ingrid: "I bet when you wake up in the morning, your whole house will be rearranged and made over. Fabulous!"

Now you can't stop laughing either.

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