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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Be jealous. On Saturday I'm going to IKEA and you're not. (Unless your name is Ingrid, and then you totes are going. Congrats, you!)

I've been stalking their website and made this visual list of everything I want to buy:

I may or may not get these. I'll decide when we're there. I love to give baked stuff at Christmas, and last year I bought a ton of these at Wal-Mart and spent too much money on them. This is a steal.

 I wanted this back when we went in July, but I talked myself out of it because it was blue and I wasn't sure what I would do with it. I decided I was going to get one while we were down in Orlando in September, but never made it to a store. Now they aren't selling the blue anymore, so silver it is.
 We don't have a topper for our sad little baby tree.
 Also wanted this in July but couldn't find it in the store. I don't want the bar across the top, just the paper towel holder. It screws directly into the wall. Instant counter space.
 Undecided about this.
 I looooove mugs.
 And I need this.
 I'll see how this looks in person. We have a back door that could use a mat.
 If we had children, they would be getting this. Our kids are going to LOVE having a 15-piece breakfast. It's just like real life.
 Again, if we had them.
 I think this is so cute. I won't allow myself to buy them. Yet.
 I mean, really. How could you not want these?
 Most likely getting these.
I'm going to check these out and see how they look in person. I think they would be awesome across our front window in the winter time.
This isn't a big item IKEA trip. I still have our bed in the garage that I need to get a mattress and box spring for. Moving super fast on that one.

What do you want from IKEA this season?

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