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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Holidays

One thing I learned yesterday at IKEA: Don't try to go on December 10th and expect them to be fully stocked with Christmas decorations. I only moderately wanted this, until I saw it on Ingrid's dining room table, then I really wanted it. It is adorable. We looked all around the store (there were a few other things I wanted that were not to be found, like all the mugs) and I asked a woman on our second time checking out (seriously) and she acted like I was an idiot for thinking they'd still be there. Ok, I may have been touchy, but whatever. So, no tree for me.
This post is going to jump around quite a bit. This is my parents and brothers at the lighting of the Santa and Reindeer on the bank building next to where I work.
I got my Christmas decorations out this year and found this thing that I bought. I completely forgot that I even had it, but now that I remember, I love it all over again. The balls were on clearance at Kirklands last year for $1 or so a piece and I found this bowl in a display at Hobby Lobby. Ingrid - I totes pulled a you. The bowl had display stuff in it and I made sure no one was looking, emptied it, and walked away with the bowl.
Mom got me these candles and holders last year. A lady I used to work with gave me the block light. My dad made the bowl, but it isn't a Christmas decoration, it's out all year.
I just got these Fiesta 75th Anniversary ornaments for an early Christmas gift this year. They're ceramic, and too heavy for our little tree. I think they look nice sitting on the table though.
Josh's mom started getting us yearly ornaments the year we were engaged. That is our first one.
The crocheted green ornament was a wedding gift from one of our friend's moms. I don't have a clue how she did it, but I really like it.
I got this tray at IKEA yesterday. Love it. I'm going to look for some matching pillar candles at Walmart though. I think they'll look better on it than this mismatch I have going on.
Joshua got me these kissing reindeer the very first Christmas we spent together in 2003. I guess they're the oldest Christmas decoration I have.
I got this tree topper at IKEA yesterday. It may be a bit big for our tree, but I still like it.
My friend Joey made a snowflake to decorate our big front window.
If you look closely, he made it on his math homework.
I got this plant and pot at IKEA yesterday. The pot was on sale for $1.99 and the plant is a gardenia.
I put a small box under it so it wasn't in there so deep.

Other things we did in Michigan yesterday:
  • Ate Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes and Lingonberry Sauce
  • Discussed Ingrid's grumbling road rage
  • Visited Trader Joe's and 8 Mile Rd
  • Visited Biggby's Coffee, got $5 cups of tea, and witnessed Ingrid steal peanut butter
  • Decided that the next time we go to IKEA we're going to go to Cincinnati. 
There you are. Our day, complete with bullet points.

Finally, my latest gift from Ingrid. She has already let the guys I work with know about this, and it must be displayed on my desk for the entire Christmas season, if not all year.

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