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Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback!

But I'm back. What a way to keep readers, huh? Just up and disappear for weeks, and then show back up, unannounced. Well, here I am. Be happy. Psshhh...I wish I could have been posting. Truth is, we were SICK. With a capital SICK. You don't really need all of the details...just the important ones.

We had some people over on the Saturday of Johnny Appleseed...this is the Saturday it all began. I woke up with a cough. I didn't think much about it, because I didn't feel bad, I just had a headache, which is typical for me anyway (just ask Josh, it bugs him more than it does me). So we went to the festival (actually this isn't an important detail at all, I'm pretty sure you don't need to know this...except for that Saturday is when it started). Here is Saturday to the next Saturday in a nutshell...I got sick, went to the doctor, he said I had the flu. Josh got sick, didn't go to the doctor, we assumed he had the flu as well. I went back to work, got more sick, Josh got more sick, we both were miserable, and that's about all for that entire week. I was feeling terrrrrrrrible by Saturday so I went to the after hours clinic to see what was up, because my doctor said I definitely should have been feeling better by then. Turns out, my doctor is the after hours doctor, which rocks because I really like him, and he's pretty awesome. So he says it sounds like I have pneumonia and sent me to the hospital for a chest x-ray. This is not my chest x-ray, but I did see mine and it looked similar to this one. The cloudy area is the pneumonia. I'm still not real clear on what it is, but it sucks. So I go do that and keep feeling like crap. He gave me some antibiotics to start. Then Josh decided he should probably go to the doctor because he wasn't getting any better. So I took him to Redi-Med because his doctor's after hours clinic was closed. He found out he had bronchitis. So we went home, and I was feeling so awful that I went to bed early hoping my antibiotic would kick in and I'd feel better. Well, it didn't. I didn't sleep all night and when I got up I called my mom and told her I needed to go to the emergency room. Well I didn't like shower or anything because I really couldn't stand up by myself for that long, and I really didn't feel like it. I figured I'd go in, they'd give me some medicine and I'd go home. Wrong. They booked me. I got in there, they told me I had pneumonia bad, and they were getting me a bed. AND they told me that Josh wasn't allowed to come see me because he was sick too and we'd just spread germs to each other. I was so mad. So anyway, I was in there from Sunday until Tuesday, and really wasn't back up on my feet until Fridayish. Which brings us to our third Saturday.

I'm back to work on Wednesday. Thank God, I'm finally feeling better, just still weak and tired. My hospital paper work said I'll feel tired for six weeks. SIX WEEKS? How in the world can I feel tired for six weeks, that seems excessive. Whatever. So I've been hanging out at home a lot, and not cleaning because I haven't felt well enough to really make my own food.

So while I've been off, I've developed quite a television regimen. I have never in my life watched so much television. This is basically how my days go: I wake up, catch the end of GMA, then switch over to CBS to catch the Bonnie Hunt Show (love her!), then usually watch the Price is Right from 10-noon...except today, Let's Make A Deal was on from 10-11, so I only got one dose of the Price is Right. Anyway, I watch the first five minutes of the 12:00 news, then usually do something else because there isn't much on at that time. Sometimes I catch Sesame Street on PBS, but not too often. At 2:00 on the CW the Steve Wilko's Show comes on. I'm not really a big fan of that, but I tend to like it better than Maury. Anyway, at 3:00 Tyra comes on. I actually really don't like Tyra at all, but it's all I've found to watch at that time. Then at 4:00 on NBC, Ellen comes on, and I LOVE her. I'm thinking of changing my availability at work to not be able to work from 4-5 because I want to watch the Ellen show every day. I laugh the entire show. Then from 5-6 on the CW, I watch Reba, and from 6-7 we watch The King of Queens. I'm not really a fan, but there isn't much else on during that slot. So then from 7-8 we watch That 70's Show. Quite a line up huh? That is just regular tv. At 8, it's on. We have different shows every night that we watch. Tonight is my normal tv night. Even when I wasn't sick, we usually watched tv on Monday nights. CBS is where it's at. How I Met Your Mother is always funny...I actually don't like that show because I hate when you don't know what is going on...it's like when you're talking to someone who is trying to tell a story but takes forever and inserts all these unnecessary side stories that don't mean anything to the original story (wait a minute....). Anyway, but I always watch it, and I always laugh a lot, so I think that means I actually like it. Whatever. Then Accidentally, On Purpose is at 8:30 with Jenna Elfman. It's pretty funny. I've only seen it once, but I liked it. Then is Two and a Half Men. I usually get on the computer during that show. Not a huge fan. But then, at 9:30, The Big Bang Theory is on, and I love it. Last Monday I was trying to watch it at the hospital, but I was having a migraine, and was in a lot of pain, so I missed most of it. My mom and Josh were laughing though, so I'm sure it was good. (Oh, yeah, they finally let Josh come visit me after he went back to the doctor on Monday...I practically begged for him to be allowed to come up.) So, that's tonight. Pretty busy. I'm not sure what I watch on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I watch Modern Family, and The Middle on ABC. Those are pretty funny. Last Wednesday was the first time I watched The Middle, but I watched Modern Family the week before that. I like both of those. Thursday is Flash Forward.
I just watched it for the first time last Thursday, and I really liked it. I think it's interesting. I'm not a Grey's or Private Practice fan, so I don't watch either of those. Then on Friday, on CBS I watch The Ghost Whisperer and then Medium. I've actually only watched Medium once, but it was pretty good when I saw it. I've watched The Ghost Whisperer twice, and I liked it. I typically don't enjoy scary shows, but it's just calm enough where I can stand it. Saturday and Sunday I watch football. That's it. Busy schedule. I'm not sure how I'm going to fit it all into my day once I go back to regular life. :/ Oh well.

I think that is going to be all for now. I'm kinda tired, and I think I'm going to go lay down. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow to fill in a few of the gaps. I've been gone too long.


  1. We are so glad you guys are feeling better! We are still germ free down here (surprising considering my profession). Get some rest and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

  2. Pneumonia really does suck!!! (especially when you're on your honeymoon!) I am glad you guys are better though!

    And for the TV line up-- If I was at home during the days I would probably be ont he same schedule! But really your pickings are slim during the day. On Tuesdays I watch Biggest Loser, so maybe that can be your time slot filler! lol

  3. Michele, thanks! You two take care of yourselves!

    Allison, I actually just watched Biggest Loser for the first time last night. I think I might start watching it.



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