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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Ralph Lauren: Take Notes

I heard about this a while ago on the Ellen Show. Glamour Magazine has decided to use plus sized models (which by the way, a plus sized model is ANY WOMAN OVER A SIZE SIX. SIX!). I saw these pictures, and at first, I didn't like them. I'll be honest. And I completely think I didn't like them because its not what I'm used to seeing in a magazine. It's what I'm used to seeing in the mirror, but not on models. Now, I think its a great idea.

If you never click on any link I post, I'm begging you to click on this, Plus-Size Model Shines and watch it. The girl in this (short) interview from GMA is the girl on the very bottom left of the group photo. Her before pictures from when she was a thin model are startling, and she is inspiring. She is 23 years old.

This video is an interview with the editor of Glamour magazine, talking about their decision to use plus sized women and not use Photoshop. They rock.

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