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Monday, September 7, 2009

Question About Organic

I'm really looking for an answer here, not just being really sarcastic. I was grocery shopping this morning and came across this:

I understand organics in terms of fresh food like veggies, fruit, milk, things like that. What I don't understand is how it works in processed, packaged foods. Are there such things as organic preservatives? I am interested. I also realize I could just google it, but I have to be to work in a few minutes, so I don't have time right now.

Also interesting, is this:

If you're not aware, I spend a lot of time in the pasta aisle. Anyway, why is this generic cheese half the price of the Kraft cheese? It's cheese. It tastes the same, it's probably even made by the same people. I don't get it. But it makes sense that I got one of the last generic cheeses, while they still have plenty of Kraft cheese. And yes, I do take pictures of everything with my phone.

Now, if I could only talk Great Value into making whole wheat pasta, life would be complete. It's one of the only things (besides orange juice) that I have to buy name brand...but only because I can't get generic. However, I can really tell a difference with the orange juice, so I tough it out. Weird thing though, about the oj, I get the one gallon of Tropicana at Sam's Club. It is $4.98 there, and $5.98 at Wal-Mart. Figure that one out.

Note: this is the half gallon size. I have to go for the whole gallon. I love it so much.


  1. uI googled it for you and it does seem you can have organic preservatives. Not sure what the difference is between organic preservatives and those that are not.

    As far as the parmesan goes... you're paying for a brand and advertising. You could get the paper for coupons but a $.50 coupon still wont get it close.

    Doesn't Sam's Club have memberships? I think that's why they can afford to have lower prices on the OJ.

    Have you ever checked out Aldis? They have a Fit&Active brand of whole wheat pasta, not sure if it would be cheaper than what you currently buy. I would give you the price but I didn't do the shopping, Matt did. But you might want to check it out. =]

  2. Thanks for the answers!! I forgot to look into it when I got home. That is weird about preservatives.

    I can't believe with the cheese that the packaging costs that much. It seems excessive.

    I didn't even consider the cost of membership lowering the prices. I should have. :/ haha.

    I have never been to Aldis. I want to go there, but it isn't very convenient for me to go out there to go grocery shopping. Maybe if I'm out there some day I'll check it out. I get so tired of paying more for pasta.

    Thanks for the info!



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