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Friday, September 18, 2009

Cold Weather Is On Its Way...

True story. Earlier this year, right before our wedding actually, I started tanning and ended up with a horrible case of sun poisoning. My medicine makes my skin sensitive, and apparently I over did it. But after it went away, I got super super dry and peely. So I talked to my friend Jennifer who is also my aesthetician, and she gave me some samples to use. The product was super expensive and I was actually saving up my money to buy it because it worked really well. So anyway, fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I sent her a text because I was hoping she could recommend something that is pretty good that I could buy at the store, because I couldn't let myself buy lotion that expensive. She told me about this lotion, California Baby Calendula Cream, that you can buy at Target for $11.99 (that is nothing compared to the lotion she sells) and she even told me that its so good that she uses it herself. So I went and got some, and it rocks. It really does. If you get dry and crackly in the cooler months, you should check it out. I'm sold.

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