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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Knife Block

Lately I've been napping during the day when I have a few minutes between school and work. I woke up the other day to some show on PBS and they were talking about kitchen gadgets. We didn't get a knife set for our wedding, we just got random knives that I registered for (which is awesome because I use all of them instead of having the few out of the block I would use). Anyway, they were talking about this. It's a miracle that I even found this. What is even better, is that it's only $30. I definitely thought it would be over $100.

From the Bed Bath and Beyond site:
"Unique and versatile, this knife block is like no other you've ever used. Made from solid hardwood, it features moveable "fibers" inside that are fully adjustable and holds any type of knife in any position - no slots required. Measures 10" H x 5" W. Dishwasher safe. Knife not included."

It's awesome because its a way to organize my knives without them laying in the drawer. I have a magnetic strip to hang them on, but I didn't want to hang it up until I got the wall paper down in the kitchen. It doesn't look like that's going to happen today.
I think it's pretty cool.

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